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The Nordic Safe Cities Alliance grows with the addition of Bodø

A new member city joins Nordic Safe City. The Municipality of Bodø becomes the 21th member of the alliance. The Norwegian contingent of member cities grows yet again in Nordic Safe Cities. “We are thrilled to welcome Bodø to our alliance and we can’t wait to get to work with...

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Press release: These are the 10 projects of Trygg By Norge

As part of Trygg By Norge ten projects aim to enhance both the understanding and the appreciation of democratic values across Norway. The projects are funded by The Gjensidige Foundation. Trygg By Norge opens a new chapter today with the announcement of ten different projects across nine Norwegian cities.  The...

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Safe City Norway Kick-off

Preventing Extremism Locally Ten Norwegian Cities Leading the way On August 25th we assembled all 10 Norwegian member cities, +20 sparring partners and leading experts from academia, private-sector and civil society for 8 hours of Covid-19 friendly online workshops. The high-level participants from the cities engaged in sparring sessions with...

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